For Tina, Vice President and Executive Director of Higher Self Yoga,  managing a senior residence center came with many beautiful rewards – along with some pretty major challenges. The role required patience, understanding, and a deep love for the people she served. Add that on top of the ability to stay organized, level-headed, and enthusiastic, and you’ve got a very demanding job to fulfill! Despite the myriad of challenges, Tina truly felt that the profession was her calling.

“I knew it was in line with my soul’s purpose,” said Tina. “I can be of compassionate assistance to others.”

Tina finds it fulfilling to learn more about each person, connecting with them and their family members. It’s been uplifting for her to provide the residents with the attention and care they need, which falls anywhere along the spectrum from assisting them with housing to organizing activities and programs.

But that doesn’t mean that performing her role always comes easy. All of us can show up every day to do what we feel is our calling and still need help with managing the hurdles. Tina found support by turning to meditation and connecting with her Higher Self.

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“Many of my work challenges have become easier to deal with,” she says. “I try to put them into perspective by not becoming emotional and choosing to actively listen to what another has to say.”

The meditation and self-discovery techniques that Tina learned through Higher Self Yoga not only assisted her in her interactions with the residents and their families, but with her own family and friends as well.

“Higher Self Yoga has helped me to communicate in a more loving manner,” she says. “I remember the importance of speaking from my heart when I talk to my husband and family members.  Our relationship has become happier and much more joyful.”

Like many others who have taken the time to listen and connect with their Higher Selves, Tina has been able to better relate to and be more accepting of others. She has learned how important it is to be of service and the community, and that her own personal growth only intensifies when she contributes to causes close to her heart. Higher Self Yoga has helped her to become more accepting of those around her, and her friendships have become deeper, more fulfilling, and mutually supportive.

“As friends, we talk about and accept both our positive and negative characteristics in one another and our own lives without judgment,” said Tina. “We can compassionately support each other in tough times and really enjoy the good times together at a deeper level.”

It has been incredibly fulfilling for Tina to establish these deeper connections within her community – but it doesn’t just end there. Connecting with the Wise Mind also leads to self-inquiry, discovery, and care. As Tina continued her journey with her Higher Self, she came to realize that making time for herself was just as sacred as spending time with others.

“Higher Self Yoga has taught me to not be judgmental, nor critical, of myself,” said Tina. “I now honor and appreciate personal time taken, as I know I can best help others when I am feeling healthy, cheerful and optimistic myself.”

For Tina, all aspects of her life  have benefited greatly from the lessons she has learned through her experiences connecting with her Higher Self.  Through the reflection exercises outlined in Higher Self Yoga Book 1 and Higher Self Yoga Book 2, her physical, mental, and emotional health has improved.

“I try to live my life by speaking from the heart, being mindful of others and respectful of nature, and by remembering to strive to  be my highest self in all that I do,” said Tina.

Tina respectfully advises those new to the practice to read through the resources on our website, as well as take a look at one of the Higher Self Yoga books and see if a chapter speaks to them. She feels that the beautiful thing about this path of self-discovery is that new seekers can give themselves the chance to see what piques their interest and go from there.

“Often we simply hear about something at just the right time to help us on our path. I am most grateful for the compassionate guidance and insightful encouragement from Nanette Hucknall, founder of Higher Self Yoga, as I learn to walk life’s meandering path with an open heart. Thank you.”

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