Not too long ago I was at a crossroads in my life.  I was pondering existential questions such as “Who am I?” and “Is there more out there than what I know and see?” This led me on a search to discover my true purpose on this Earth.  I’ve always been driven by seeking greater knowledge and by my curiosity to understand myself better.  There was always one question I seemed to come back to time after time: Is there a connection between the physical world and the spiritual world?

At this juncture in my life, I could have continued walking down the path of unhappiness.  I wasn’t satisfied with what I was doing in my life and I found very little joy in my career.  Passivity is often the easier route.  But, I knew deep down that I had many unrealized potentials within myself, which motivated me to take action.

My path to discovering my purpose was circuitous but satisfying. What helped me the most through this self-transformation was meditation.  A good friend of mine suggested that I try it, and he also talked to me about reincarnation, which I thought was a crazy idea at the time. With my friend’s guidance I did try to meditate and fortunately it came to me relatively easy after a few tries. I had nothing to lose so I continued meditating on-and-off. If nothing else, it was relaxing.  On a very basic yet profound level I begun to feel a bit more relaxed and at peace with myself. It was nothing specific, just a feeling of some inner peace and quiet that was immensely satisfying and welcoming. However, with time, meditation opened for me many new levels of metaphysical understanding and opportunities.

I had begun to understand the power of my Higher Self through the process of meditation. For the first time I started to understand and see myself differently, and new possibilities started to crystalize. It felt as a beginning of new adventure and I was in control. It was very exciting because it was undiscovered territory and there seemed to be no limits.  The process of meditation and working with my Higher Self (HS) awakened my desire for combining my creativity and intellectual curiosity into a new venture that led to a doctorate degree in biomedical sciences and HIV research that I still practice today. I felt a purpose that was immensely satisfying and exciting, as it can be for anyone with similar questions and desires.

The Higher Self is exactly what its name implies; it is the sum positive characteristics of your individuality. It contains all your positive accumulations of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. Your Higher Self is also a bridge to the Higher Selves of all other people – and to the Universe, and in this context it expands your level of understanding of self, and appreciation of all life. Science has demonstrated that we humans are made up of the same physical matter that the stars in the Universe are made of. This does not take away from your individuality, just the opposite; it empowers you with greater understanding of yourself in the context of our collective environment.
The glue and the key that holds it all together is meditation, which is the practice of spirituality and a getaway to your HS. It is simply sitting quietly, turning your attention inwards, and beginning to unlock, acknowledge, and welcome the hidden positive parts of yourself that is your HS. This process can bring you to the knowledge over the misery of not knowing whom you are or what it is you are meant to do. With practice, your purpose and context of your individual existence start to become crystal clear, and a bridge between the physical world and spiritual world will manifest.

For men starting this process can be difficult, as it was for me, mostly because we like to keep to ourselves and not share our feelings. But meditation and spirituality is a very private practice that does not have to be shared with anyone, and in fact there is nothing embarrassing about it. Ability to take action – to look at and understand yourself, to change, and to realize your potential – these are all strong and positive masculine qualities that require courage and action.